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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Data Mining Developer - Click Forensics (Austin, TX)

Data Mining Developer

Click Forensics is an exciting Austin startup well funded by Austin Ventures & Sierra Ventures. We create solutions used by online advertisers, publishers and ad networks to detect click fraud in their online pay per click campaigns. Our products use sophisticated heuristics to find bots and people who are clicking on adds to commit fraud. We provide enormous value to our customers by allowing them to manage their traffic quality - removing fraud and other low quality traffic that negatively impacts their ad spend and their revenues.

The position requires experience in data mining, statistical analysis, as well as the development of rule based systems. You will be analyzing data sets using pattern recognition techniques, machine learning and statistical techniques to find patterns of behavior indicative of fraud. You will be designing rules sets to detect fraud and other invalid types of behavior. You will be working with very senior engineers in a collaborative environment.

Responsibilities Include:

  • Researching new techniques to use to detect click fraud
  • Product development including the implementation of techniques

Required Skills/Attributes:
  • Experience in developing a classifier using machine learning techniques
  • Experience in feature extraction and feature selection
  • Experience in predictive modeling with na├»ve Bayes, Logistics Regression or Support Vector Machines
  • Strong background in statistics
  • Strong Experience with SQL programming

Desired Skills/Attributes:
  • Familiarity with statistical analysis packages such as MS SQL Data Mining, SAS or Clementine
  • Familiarity with online advertising
  • Familiarity with web analytics products
  • Programming skills

More about the Company:

We are located in Austin just off loop 360, just south of Bee Caves Rd. Our company is staffed with seasoned veterans who are self motivated and experienced enough to work in an environment with minimal process and management overhead.

Respond to: peter.norwood [at] clickforensics.com

URL: www.datashaping.com/jobs17438x.shtml
Please mention datashaping.com when applying. Thank you.

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