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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

DataShaping Job Alert - June 2009

From now on, our newsletter will be posted on the new AnalyticTalent web site, hosted on AnalyticBridge.com. Job ads can be found on Also, we will send our AnalyticBridge newsletter to 11,000 members next Sunday. It is possible to purchase a featured resume (short 1-paragraph bio with link to your profile), for $80. Requirements include: a master degree, experience with statistical software (SAS, R, SPSS, etc.), SQL and experience with a programming language (C, C++, Java, Perl, C# etc.), as well as a member profile on AnalyticBridge or LinkedIn. See datashapingstore.com/bio.shtml for details. The fee is waived when you bring 10 new members to AnalyticBridge, who sign up with a corporate e-mail address. The link to the sign up form is www.analyticbridge.com/main/authorization/signUp.

We recommend job seekers to use new techniques to increase the chances of getting an interview:

  • Apply to positions where you are a very good fit
  • Be ready to relocate: WalMart has a director position in Benton, Arkansas. These positions in the Mid West have less competition.
  • Corporate career web sites (see a listing at datashaping.com/companies3.shtml) can provide value, as many people are discouraged by the lengthy web forms, thus resulting in less competition.
  • Connect directly with recruiters and hiring managers on AnalyticBridge and LinkedIn.
  • Build a website where can you show applications that you have developed in the past, for instance a real-time stock forecasting engine
  • Always be positive. Spend 20 hours per week chasing opportunities. Each no answer gets you closer to the yes answer.
  • Full time positions are easier to find and obtain than good quality consulting gigs.
  • Think of alternate, non traditional ways of generating income while you are looking for a job.

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