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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Leader, Management Science Business Analytics (NA, NA)

Our client is a Tier One consulting organization dramatically expanding their Business Analytics functions to serve the increasing needs of their clients in providing predictive analysis services. The Leader will be an individual who has been heavily involved in the research, evolution, design and utilization of predictive analytical software for multiple industries/disciplines. The individual will lead a large team 30++ and dramatically grow the team over the next 6-12 months to as many as 100. The individual should have a minimum of 10+ years of work in a consulting environment and previous applicable academic or corporate experience.

Experience in data analytics, customer strategy, customer insight capability development, competitive analysis, value and behavior segmentation, retention targeting, market research, campaign analysis, data mining, artificial intelligence, business intelligence, etc. will be essential.

They will target issues such as

  • Driving growth—from new markets, new customer segments and opportunities, marketing transformation and innovation.
  • Enhancing cost and cash advantage—through balance sheet efficiency; enhanced working capital; better capital allocation and return on investment; and resetting structural costs for more flexibility.
  • Improving operational excellence—by realigning the operating model; reengineering key processes; focusing on lean processes and operational effectiveness; and sourcing operational excellence.
  • Restructuring the business at scale—through M&A, divestitures, consortia, industry restructuring, value chain restructuring and business ecosystems.
  • Winning the war for talent—by re-skilling the workforce, sourcing new talent, developing change agents and creating a human capital strategy.
Details at http://www.datashaping.com/jobs18346x.shtml

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