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Saturday, December 15, 2007

DataShaping Job Alert - December 2007

About the DataShaping Network

Our network now consists of

  • DataShaping.com: Main site, meta job board, comprehensive job listing, resume listing, various other resources (salary surveys, job board directory, etc.)
  • AnalyticTalent.com: Our blog for job seekers, with featured job ads, monthly job alert
  • AnalyticBrain.com: Our blog for recruiters
  • AnalyticGroup.com: Google group where job seekers can subscribe to receive more frequent job alerts (daily or weekly). Featured job ads, and a few job ads submitted by recruiters and not available on DataShaping (job posting is free but moderated).
  • Other resources, such as our data mining meta directory or open book project.
Why choose DataShaping for your career search?
  • Many jobs from the hidden job market, thanks to our numerous contacts
  • Relevant job ads
  • Fresh job ads, very few duplicates, large spectrum of industries, companies and areas of expertise
  • Many job ads have a direct link (e-mail) to the hiring manager
  • Job alert sent once a month
  • Accepted resumes are published in nice HTML format, at no cost
What does Data Shaping mean?

The term was created in 1999 to fill a gap between data mining and statistics. Data shaping is about employing advanced statistical techniques to problems usually handled by computer scientists (machine learning, knowledge discovery, artificial intelligence, web mining). A data shaper is a true software engineer or computer scientist, and a true statistician at the same time, capable of extracting actionable information from large data sets, in production mode, to optimize business.

Data Shaping Certification

We will launch our certification program in 2008. Professionals with an approved resume will be able to display our logo with the mention Data Shaping Certified on their resume, at no cost. We will create a repository of certified professionals, accessible to employers. For a preview, click here.

Featured Jobs

More than 100 job ads have been added since our last job alert. More than 1,500 analytic job ads from hundreds of companies have been published in 2007.

Vincent Granville, Ph.D.
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