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Monday, September 13, 2010

Advanced Analytics Math Modeler - Dow (Michigan, MI)

Dow Business Services has an exciting and challenging opportunity for an Advanced Analytics Math Modeler. This position is located in the Advanced Analytics group within the Six Sigma Consulting and Expertise Center. Dow's Six Sigma commitment coordinates with and builds on other quality initiatives. The rigor and datadriven decision making of Six Sigma is at work in every Dow business and function, driving out defects and variation.

This role has been created to assist businesses and functions in applying mathematics for decision support. There are two basic frameworks to support - data mining and then mathematical modeling. Data mining is generally used, from a Six Sigma perspective, in 3i and Opportunity Identification projects. Mathematical modeling is used for a specific point in time or ongoing decision when risk, uncertainty and/or complexity are self evident since the application of the math models are intended to reduce risk, describe uncertainty and understand the complexity.

This individual will provide the technical expertise necessary to perform a detailed mathematical analysis of various critical Business problems. The purpose of these analyses is either the identification/discovery of value creating opportunities needed to populate our Six Sigma project pipeline as well as generating opportunities for various project methodologies or to build a specific mathematical model to answer a particular question.


  • Acquire working knowledge of statistical and machine learning tools and techniques identified for data mining and modeling applications. To accomplish this, specific training in data mining and modeling techniques and prior experience in statistical, machine learning and operations research techniques is required.
  • Assure alignment of Advanced Analytics activity with Business or Functional Strategy/priorities (e.g. MI Plan) with input from relevant leadership.
  • Identify and document systems to be studied, identify relevant databases for targeted mining efforts, and determine and validate quality of needed data in those databases.
  • Perform necessary pre-processing and harmonization of data to create a modeling data set utilizing the most effective methods available.
  • Select the proper mathematical method(s) for the problem at hand.
  • Select the proper technology to implement the method/problem at hand.
  • Perform detailed machine learning, statistical analysis or operations research analysis of targeted databases for the purpose of opportunity identification/discovery or specific decision making.
  • For Opportunity Identification, gather baseline data required to ground/support opportunity so that Local Champion can draft preliminary project charters. For each charter, provide links to databases mined to identify the opportunity.
  • For Math Modeling in decision support, deploy the model in a user friendly environment and provide assessment of the quality of the model and tracking therein.

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