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Sunday, September 05, 2010

Director of Consumer Marketing - Avvo (Seattle, WA)

Avvo has gone from concept to market leader in three short years. However we need an experienced and creative marketing mind to help us succeed in our next stage of development. The Director of Consumer Marketing will report to Avvo's CEO.

This is a role for those marketers who revel in guerrilla marketing, especially to consumers. Your primary focus will be consumer acquisition -- i.e., building quality consumer traffic for the Avvo.com website. If your primary expertise and consistent acquisition strategy is to build consumer brand by spending millions of dollars, this role is not for you.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Primary manager and strategist in all consumer and business-to-business marketing for Avvo's lines of business.
  • Oversee the following primary marketing functions:
  • Online marketing focused on traffic generation and sales, including SEO, SEM and social media
  • Syndication of the company's information to third-party websites
  • Offline marketing, including consumer PR and branding
  • Development of the Avvo brand
  • Manage a significant budget and successfully forecast and manage ROI for all consumer marketing programs

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