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Saturday, April 03, 2010

Research Data Warehouse Specialist (Duarte, CA)

Position Summary

Responsible for the planning, oversight, and coordination of information management activities related to sourcing and provisioning of research related data to and from the City of Hope enterprise data warehouse. Information management activities include establishment and enforcement of policies, processes, and procedures related to data integrity, data integration and retention, and secured data access. Assist with the selection of source data considered for inclusion in the warehouse, specification of data integrity criteria for selected data, prioritizing and ranking of source data relative to alternative sources, and declaration of data ownership and data access rights and privileges with regard to selected source data. Assist with data quality assurance and linkage validation of the data records within the warehouse, and oversee documentation of the domain-level business metadata.

Position Accountabilities

Maintain metadata such as data element definitions, integrity rules, and ETL requirements regarding research related data included or planned for inclusion in the data warehouse. Participate in decision making related to selection and prioritizing of potential data sources for data of interest to research. Assist in the declaration and definition of derivation algorithms and calculations for measures and indicators to be included in the data warehouse of importance to research activities. Participate in decision making related to the declaration of data access policies and technologies used to enforce them. Assist in the definition and design of research related analytical data stores (data marts) populated using data extracted from the data warehouse. Participate in regular audits of the data warehouse to verify data quality and rectification of identified data integrity issues. Maintain professional growth and development through seminars, workshops, and professional affiliations. Keep abreast of latest trends in the field of clinical and research data warehousing and analytics. Follow established policies and procedures regarding job performance, attendance, safety, infection control, conflict of interest, and confidentiality. Perform other related duties as assigned or requested.


  • Bachelor's Degree
  • Three to five years in a programmer/analyst position working with large multi-user systems
  • SQL, SQR, Peoplesoft Applications and Tools, Crystal reports
Send resume to: RArmendariz@coh.org Website: www.coh.orgURL: www.datashaping.com/jobs18258x.shtml Please mention datashaping.com when applying. Thank you.

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