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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Invitation to join Analytic Bridge

Analytic Bridge has grown from 20 to about 400 people in just one week. We invite you to revisit our network, and sign up if you are not already a member. In the last seven days, we have added many groups, several white papers, dozens of useful links. Also, members have contributed to several forums, including
  • Explanation of Variance Inflation Factor
  • Data Validation
  • Post your best graphs in our photo section
  • How to produce nice graphs with R?
  • Data Warehousing, ETL and Business Intelligence opportunites
  • Professional Certificates (chartered statistician, SAS certified, series 6, etc.)
  • Spatial ETL Pros Needed for Leader in Geographic Business Intelligence Solutions
  • Genetic Data Mining Method for the Proper Use of the Correlation Coefficient
  • Who makes $100K or more a year?
  • Companies hiring statisticians and data miners
  • Best books for learning data mining
  • Basic Introduction to Text Mining
  • Non-Linear ARIMA using neural nets?
  • Statistics handbooks now available in the links section
  • Jobs in Switzerland
  • Interesting discussions on the Web Analytics group
  • Data mining blog
  • LinkedIn, Plaxo, Facebook and other networks
  • Building Statistical Regression Models: Straight Data are Necessary
  • Domain names for sale
  • Career paths: switching to a different industry
  • Generalized Goldbach Conjecture and Integer Coverages
  • XML job feeds available for your blog
  • Starting Salaries for Analytic Graduates
  • Useful links
  • Statistical Software - Comparative Analysis
To join Analytic Bridge, visit us at http://www.analyticbridge.com/. Members are also entitled to a 20% discount on all products available on DataShapingStore.com. Please contact us for details.

Vincent Granville, Ph.D.
Founder and Principal

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