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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Senior Manager, Marketing Analytics - Netflix (Los Gatos, CA)


The Senior Manager, Marketing Analytics – Consumer Internet will play an important role at Netflix by conducting value-added analyses to enable Netflix to grow as quickly as possible while also achieving EPS goals. He / She will be a key contributor reporting directly to the VP Marketing, who has a strong analytical background. The Senior Manager will lead analyses and generate insights and recommendations related to Netflix’s marketing programs for new subscriber acquisition and existing subscriber retention.

Netflix operates a financially complex business and believes that it derives a competitive advantage from the analytical approach it takes to managing the Company. Key strategic decisions are based on accurate forecasts and financial models. Marketing at Netflix plays a critical role in building subscriber base, generating revenue and launching new features. The group is lean, dynamic, fast paced and staffed with people who are highly analytical.

The Senior Manager will be based in Silicon Valley at the Company’s headquarters in Los Gatos, CA


The Senior Manager, Marketing Analysis will support the VP Marketing in delivering actionable and insightful analyses that facilitate decision making both within the Marketing team and at the Executive level of the company. He / she will be recognized across the company as analytically gifted and will directly impact the Company’s financial performance.

Specific responsibilities include:

  • Website Signup Performance
    • Monitor and report on performance of new member signups flows
    • Investigate changes in the key metrics and recommend action as appropriate
    • Analyze website A/B test results to determine optimal signup flow configuration
  • Pricing and Migration Analyses
    • Determine elasticity of subscriber acquisition and retention to price changes
    • Measure impact of plan mix and migration on subscriber LTV
    • Recommend price frameworks for the business as it evolves
  • Rejoin Channel Support
    • Track patterns of rejoining customers by acquisition channel, price plan, geography
    • Correlate rejoin activity with behavior during original membership
    • Understand and predict impact of seasonal patterns on rejoin activity
    • Help shape type and level of proactive marketing programs for former customers
    • Email Communications Support
    • Monitor and report on key email metrics (open rate, conversion, unsubscribe rate) for both acquisition and member communications
    • Analyze campaign test results (both email and joint email/direct mail)
    • Propose new test directions based on learnings
  • New Channel Support
    • Model startup and long-term acquisition costs of new marketing channels
    • Estimate and monitor LTV of subscribers acquired via new marketing channels
  • Ad-Hoc Investigation
    • Manage seamlessly multiple ad-hoc analyses, originating both from the Marketing team and from the Executive team.
    • Connect key metric patterns to changes in the business in actionable, insightful and unexpected ways that will impact the company’s bottom line.


The ideal candidate will have at least 5 years of experience in environments of excellence where analysis and financial rigor are considered core to accomplishing business objectives. The successful candidate should have a strong track record of performing complex financial and statistical analyses and generating data-driven insights. He / She must thrive in a fast-paced environment and exhibit the highest personal and professional standards of integrity and ethics.

Netflix is fast-growing with a flat organizational structure, which means that employees are often asked to perform tasks with a range of difficulties. Candidate must be motivated, disciplined and be able to work independently and effectively.

  • Have extensive experience conducting quantitative and qualitative analyses processing a large amount of consumer and operational data.
  • Come from an environment where fact-based analyses and data-driven decision-making are valued.
  • Be expert in Excel and enjoy learning new analysis tools; Have experience using business analytical languages such as SAS, SPSS and SQL.
  • Be an effective communicator in both one-on-one and formal presentation settings.
  • Have a solid understanding of basic accounting principles.
  • Hold a Bachelors degree in economics, finance, marketing, statistics or other technical subjects from a top-tier educational institution; A Masters degree is a bonus.

Other key competencies the successful candidate will possess include:
  • Highly Analytical and Creative Mind with Strong Communication Skills. Strong intellect, can function effectively in a culture of "super smart" people. Runs circles around people analytically and is talented with simplifying abstract business issues and large amounts of data into actionable analyses. Shows resourcefulness in the absence of perfect information upon which to base analyses and conclusions. Straight-forward and effective communicator who does not sugar coat.
  • Entrepreneurial Spirit and Pace. Has a proclivity for risk-taking and will be a creative, “out-of-the-box” thinker. Enjoy multi-tasking and having dozens of projects going at one time. Is intellectually quick and in his/her element with little to no foundation or framework. Possesses an entrepreneurial spirit and is aggressive about competing externally.
  • Drive to Win / Results Orientation. The successful candidate is a high energy, sharp individual whose professional efforts are driven by the desire for excellence and a passion to succeed - both personally and as part of a team. Flourishes in a hands-on role, adding value at many different levels (from mundane tasks to sophisticated, complex analysis.) Looks forward to being a part of a fast-growing flat organizational structure where everyone regularly rolls up their sleeves with spreadsheets and the like.
  • Great Team Player with High Emotional Intelligence and Maturity. Is a mature, fully-formed adult. Is motivated by what is best for Netflix. Has a happy, full and well-balanced life outside the office and wants the same for his/her team. Thrives on walking around the floor to get real time inputs and information from colleagues. Has experience working effectively with cross-functional teams such as Finance, Marketing, Content and Engineering.


An attractive compensation package consisting of base salary, stock options, 401K (with match), and comprehensive benefits will be offered to the selected candidate.

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