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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Director of Research - JustAnswer.com (San Francisco, CA)

What if your work in algorithm development could help save lives? At JustAnswer, it could! We're the largest paid question and answer platform, where thousands of Doctors, Lawyers, Veterinarians, Mechanics, and other Experts answer questions 24/7. Have a strange headache in the middle of the night? Ask a Health Expert on JustAnswer.com. Have a legal dispute with a neighbor? Check in with a Legal Expert. You get the idea! Since we're all about Questions & Answers, here are the details on this opportunity in Q&A Form: Q: What's the JustAnswer story? A: JustAnswer is a fast growing, top 200 website (quantcast.com/justanswer.com) started in 2003 by Internet entrepreneur Andy Kurtzig. You can learn more about how the company got started and what we do at JustAnswer.com/about-us.aspx Q: What's the difference between JustAnswer and the free answer sites? A: When you ask a serious question on the free answer sites, you often get an answer from a teenager. When you ask on JustAnswer, you get Experts. Who would you trust with your health related questions? What about taxes? Or, anything else that's important to you. Q: What do Customers think of JustAnswer? A: Check out www.justanswer.com/help/testimonials.aspx to see some customer testimonials. Q: What are the day-to-day responsibilities for this role? A: As the Director of Research at JustAnswer, you will be responsible for working with our engineering team on cutting edge research across a wide range of areas, including algorithm development, personalization, machine learning, data mining, statistical analysis and natural language processing. This is a new role in our organization, which means you’ll have the opportunity to build the function from the ground-up!

Q: What is JustAnswer looking for in the ideal candidate? A: To be successful in this role, you'll need at least 2 years (5-10+ years preferably) of commercial experience analyzing search relevance data and developing personalization systems, algorithm development, data mining, NLP or machine learning. You'll also need to be passionate about developing creative solutions to some of the web’s toughest and biggest challenges. Advanced degree (Masters required, PhD preferred) in data mining, statistics, machine learning or related field (or the equivalent combination of education and experience). Q: What kind of person is successful at JustAnswer? A: Someone who is *Smart*, *Fun* and *Gets Things Done* Q: What's the Salary? A: Depends on your experience, but it'll be a competitive rate. And, you get stock options, health insurance, dental insurance, and many other really cool perks!

To Apply: www.datashaping.com/jobs18331x.shtml

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