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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sr. Statistician - AdKnowledge (Kansas City, MO)

Adknowledge Analytics Department provides a central lab for statistical analysis, machine learning, and distributed computing, to service business needs throughout the rest of our company for targeted consumer advertising. We have a mission to deliver high quality, timely analysis, distill real business insights from large data sets, and provide scalable analytics which the rest of the company consumes on demand. In addition, we assist on studies, metrics, data visualization, system architecture, etc., in other areas of our business.

Products and Technology

The company has a strong technology infrastructure, consisting wholly of proprietary code developed for the following functions:

  • An advanced behavioral-targeting system running billions of calculations per day using consumer behaviors to predict what type of ad is most likely to trigger a response.
  • An online pay-per-click marketplace located at www.bidsystem.com for advertisers to purchase ads from Adknowledge.
  • A proprietary API known as AdStation, which allows publishers to insert targeted advertisements from Adknowledge into their unsold ad inventory.
To support these products the Adknowledge infrastructure consists of:
  • 20 terabytes of data housed in Oracle, MySQL, and Netezza;
  • 500+ Linux servers;
  • LAMP based platform mixed with some C, C++, and Oracle
  • A cloud running Hadoop, DHT, and other distributed services.

Our Statisticians at Adknowledge are instrumental in driving analytic changes with large implication for our company’s revenue. The Statisticiansprimary duties consist of:

  • Development & Simulation: Design time-sensitive algorithms that engage advertising consumers with relevant behavior targeted technology in the online marketing industry. Design of experiments that compare alternate data groupings and methods. Analyze algorithms and data sets containing thousands of variables with billions of records.
  • Solutions: Employ a large variety of simulation techniques that will convert computer algorithms and create analytic products that interact with real-time ad delivery systems and campaign selection systems.
  • Troubleshoot: Analyze and troubleshoot our proprietary targeting system to ensure optimal revenue is attained.
Additional duties include: Collaborate with engineering/development teams to implement statistical systems.


The successful candidate will be a vital addition to the team with at least:

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