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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Principal Lead Researcher - Bing (Bellevue, WA)

Bing Search's mission: To deliver the most relevant knowledge to our customers by being more than just a search engine - Bing's goal is to be "decision engine". To achieve that mission data is critical. At Bing, we have enormous wealth of data, ranging from user interaction logs to web documents, from user feedback to system performance data.

The Bing Data Mining Team is hiring extremely talented, highly motivated and productive lead with expertise in the areas of analytics, statistics, machine learning, and data mining. The team develops and applies advanced techniques to turn our petabytes of data into insights; and to drive actions based on those insights. The team works closely with teams across Bing search to enable rigorous, effective and data-driven decision making.

At the core of our team's mission using data to understand users. Some example of the challenges we face: Understanding how users interact with different search features and how these features affect users' behaviors, understand user intent, detecting and filtering bot traffic, measuring user satisfaction, and analyzing the results of extremely large-scale experiments. We analyze a wealth of data to identify new information needs, find weak points in the current system, and quantify the business and user impact of technical issues (e.g. performance). The team also works on techniques to manage and process petabytes of data efficiently and effectively.

At Bing, we can offer you a strong team, exciting challenges, and a fun place to work. The work environment empowers you to have a real impact on millions of end users. This is also a unique opportunity to work with world-class researchers and developers. Join us and be at the forefront of search technology!

Job Responsibilities include:

  • Manage and grow a team of applied researchers (analysts) and drive analysis directions.
  • Apply data mining and statistics to measure and understand the search user experience and feature engagement.
  • Generate actionable insights for improving search systems and increasing user satisfaction.
  • Take high-level questions and analyze data to find answers to those questions.
  • Research and develop solutions for providing high quality data (e.g. system health, performance measurement, bot & spam traffic identification, outlier detection, etc.).
  • Analysis and design of large-scale (both number and size) experiments.
  • Work with team across Bing search to identify problem where data mining, machine learning, or statistics can help. Explore and develop solutions to these problems.
  • Act as an expert in the area of data mining, machine learning, statistics, or analytics.
  • Design and carry out experiments to evaluate research results.
  • Provide technical leadership and direction to others in the Bing Data Mining team.
  • Build high quality infrastructure and data mining & analysis solution
  • Drive actions in Search and OSD based on analysis results.
  • Bachelor degree and an advanced degree (Master, PhD) in data mining, statistics, machine learning, mathematics, or related field (or the equivalent combination of education and experience).
  • Extensive knowledge and experience in at least two of the following areas: statistics, data analysis, data mining, web mining, machine learning, business intelligence & customer intelligence, user modeling (three or more areas are preferred). With 12 years practical experience (15 years are preferred).
  • Experience technical manager with proven success records (3+ years).
  • Strong ability to apply your statistics, mathematical and algorithmic expertise to solve real problems.
  • Experience in analyzing very large real world datasets (esp. web data).
  • Expertise with data analysis and statistical tools (e.g. R, SAS, or SPSS).
  • Superior communications skills, both verbal and written.
  • Hands-on approach to data analysis and a strong focus on quality.
  • Ability to work independently and in a team to develop innovative solutions.
  • Programming skills and experience (e.g. C/C++/C#/SQL).
  • This position is located in Bellevue, Washington.
Contact: v-leda... URL: www.datashaping.com/jobs18366x.shtml

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