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Monday, August 16, 2010

Researcher, Predictive Analytics - Xerox (Webster, NY)

The Xerox Research Center Webster is seeking a researcher in the area of Predictive Analytics to design, develop, and deploy state-of-the-art, data-driven predictive models to solve business problems using the latest and most appropriate technologies in machine learning, pattern recognition, statistical modeling, information retrieval or stochastic operations research (Markov decision processes and reasoning under uncertainty).

Applicants must have a strong background in data modeling and analysis with deep expertise in one or more relevant areas, including, but not limited to, dynamic regression, time series models, decision support, recommendation systems, information retrieval, stochastic process modeling, graph theory, and Bayesian forecasting. The applicant must demonstrate state-of-the-art knowledge and presence in the research and/or entrepreneurial community in this area.

The successful candidate will be a team player capable of developing scalable solutions that go into real products. This will include developing actionable business information by extracting, standardizing, and transforming text and unstructured data from various sources. The candidate is expected to work from theory to application and needs to be an independent thinker and problem-solver with the ability to work directly with diverse business groups, anticipate business needs, and develop tools and processes in order to meet these needs.

The candidate should have strong software skills with expertise in modeling languages such as R, SAS or Matlab and, preferably, programming languages such as Java, Python or C#. Experience with large scale datasets and Hadoop/Mahout is also highly desired.


Main responsibilities include analyzing large set of data, building models (data clean-up & filtering, pattern identification & feature extraction, variable selection, experimentation with algorithms). Additional responsibilities include communicating with research and business teams in order to develop partnerships through cross-functional collaboration.

Details at: http://www.datashaping.com/jobs18381x.shtml

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