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Saturday, October 02, 2010

Data Mining Expert, Online Advertising - Resonate Networks (Reston, VA)

Resonate Networks, a data driven and rapidly growing online advertising company, is seeking a highly talented, creative and motivated Data Mining expert. This person will be responsible for analyzing Resonate’s many data sources that include online browsing behavior, search terms, online and offline purchasing, campaign performance and survey responses, in order to enhance Resonate’s unique online ad targeting algorithms. We are looking for someone who enjoys the challenge of a fast-paced start-up environment, likes to break innovative new ground, and possesses a proven ability to balance theory with pragmatic problem solving skills.

Key Responsibilities

  • Build predictive models from Resonate’s multiple data sources, develop advanced algorithms that extract and classify information from large, noisy, unstructured datasets
  • Create adaptive models that generate high-value data elements (e.g., performance predictions, behavior classifiers) for inclusion in Resonate’s online display and video campaigns..

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