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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Analytics Professional Certification

What does Data Shaping mean?

The term was created in 1999 to fill a gap between data mining and statistics. Data shaping is about employing advanced statistical techniques to problems usually handled by computer scientists (machine learning, knowledge discovery, artificial intelligence, web mining). A data shaper is a true software engineer or computer scientist, and a true statistician at the same time, capable of extracting actionable information from large data sets, in production mode, to optimize business.

What are the Requirements to be Certified?

Professionals with an approved resume are allowed to display our logo with the mention Data Shaping Certified on their resume. The repository of certified professionals, is accessible to employers. More than 1,500 people are DataShaping certified analytic professionals.

To be eligible, You need to have a graduate degree from a respected university, with recent analytical expertise either in biostatistics, statistics, quality control, econometrics, quantitative or computational finance, ETL, data warehousing, data analysis, CRM, artificial intelligence, data mining, knowledge discovery, pattern recognition, business intelligence, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, computer science, physics, operations research, predictive modeling, forecasting, time series, statistical programming (SAS, Splus, SPSS), customer profiling and segmentation, QA, six sigma, survey analysis, web analytics, text mining, bioinformatics, actuarial science, web mining, mathematics, market research, decision science, marketing databases, competitive intelligence, risk management, fraud detection or similar expertise.

Active recruiters serving the analytical community are eligible as well. Recent graduates with an analytical major and good grades, from a respected University, are also eligible, even if they lack work experience. Certification categories include

  • DataShaping Certified Engineer
  • DataShaping Certified Analyst
  • DataShaping Certified Statistician
  • DataShaping Certified Scientist
  • DataShaping Certified Expert
  • DataShaping Certified Professional
  • DataShaping Certified Recruiter
You are welcome to use the category that best fits your profile.

How do I get Certified?

The DataShaping Certified status is granted after approval by our team of experts, including world class statisticians and data miners. There is no associated cost. To apply, e-mail us at vincentg@datashaping.com with DataShaping Certification in the subject line. You need to provide

  • A link to your bio, resume or profile for us to check your qualifications
  • Or a copy of your resume
  • Your real name
Your credentials will be evaluated by our team.

Selected members of our DataShaping group or LinkedIn network, as well as outstanding professionals and people with resume accepted and listed on DataShaping are pre-approved. To check your status, please use the status box below. Once certified, you will be notified.

Full details at www.datashaping.com/certified.shtml

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