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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Financial Data Integration / Software Engineer (San Francisco, CA)

Join a team of quants creating investment insight!

Why work at StarMine? Simple - because we are developing an innovative and sophisticated product in an environment that relishes complex problem solving in a team setting. We hire creative and competent engineers who are ready to work for an organization with a logical project development process and emotionally mature managers. Our work is never boring.

StarMine researches, designs, and develops quantitative stock selection models extensively used by both quantitative and fundamental portfolio managers at more than 400 of the top asset management firms around the world.

What will you do?

  • You will solve complex problems using multiple programming languages (e.g., SQL, Python, R, S-Plus, SAS, C++, Visual Basic)
  • You will maintain quality control of an entire historical database by inspecting and troubleshooting terabytes of data. Working with a database constantly accessed by our team of highly skilled researchers, you will also update existing data and load data from brand new sources and/or data vendors
  • You will manage and maintain different databases of financial information, matching/mapping data across different systems and different historical time periods

What will be your challenges?
  • StarMine is profitable and recognized as one of the fastest growing companies in North America (we have been included on the Inc 500 list the last three years). We must continuously create models that outperform the market, improving and expanding our products in a sustainable manner in order to meet growing customer demand.
  • We are a highly skilled team of 9 quantitative researchers carefully built by hiring 2 to 4 top-notch people every year. We prefer to hire a few talented engineers who can complete extraordinary tasks instead of hiring a team of mediocre programmers. This allows us to average five new releases each year.
  • Our strong commitment to accuracy requires strict attention to detail to ensure that our financial database is producing meaningful results-and we do this in a fast-paced environment. We expect our engineers to be successful working with new technologies and on a number of different projects simultaneously.

What skills do we seek in our employees?
  • Strong SQL skills, object-oriented programming experience (C++ and STL a plus), and an interest in working in Linux. A strong knowledge of Excel is required, and familiarity with one or more statistical software packages such as R, S-Plus, SAS, and/or Matlab is beneficial.
  • Intellectually curious, adaptive to new technologies, skills, and procedures, and an ability to demonstrate competency in your existing skill-set. Knowledge of financial datasets, or strong interest in quickly picking up knowledge of financial datasets, is crucial for this position.
  • A commitment to quality, excellent written and verbal communication skills, and a history of attention to detail. Ability to figure out how to test time-series data and track the evolution of companies over their history is helpful in dealing with the unique challenges of working with financial data.

We recommend you complete our online interview process, where you will have an opportunity to respond to questions posed directly by the hiring manager. Feel free to call should you have any questions at US +1 415-755-1252.

To apply for this position or refer someone you know, please use our online interview system managed by Accolo:


Once you have completed the interview, your information will be forwarded to the hiring authority for decisions on next steps.

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