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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Sales Forecasting Analyst - Large Energy Company (Los Angeles, CA)


A large Southern California energy company is looking for a high-level Sales Forecasting Analyst to work in their Los Angeles area office. This is an excellent opportunity for someone with forecasting experience who is interested in living and working in Southern California. The company provides excellent salary and benefits, and is an equal opportunity employer.


You will need at least Bachelor’s degree in business, economics, finance, statistics, or an equivalent combination of experience. You should have substantial experience with statistical analysis, including an advanced ability to apply linear regressions. You’ll need excellent analytical skills and top-notch computer skills. Excellent proficiency with Excel and Excel macros is required, and experience with forecasting-specific software such as MetricsND is preferred. You should also be able to modify existing models and develop assumptions and run complex calculations.


You will work with a group of economists and meteorologists that forecast electricity demand from 2 hours ahead to 25 years ahead. You will be responsible for developing the long-term forecasts, from 6 months to 25 years ahead, and will be expected to develop forecasting models relating electricity use by customer class to various economic, demographic, and price variables, including the effects of policy variables such as energy efficiency and self-generation installations by customers. You will also work on analyzing demographics and economic factors that influence load growth and new customer acquisition, and analyze third-party forecasts of the economy to develop an area-specific economic outlook. You will work with short-term forecasters to develop a forecast of the hourly electricity load shape, and to adjust recorded sales for average weather conditions and variations in billing and tracking and reporting.

Send Resumes to: Lee Cordner, Cordner & Associates, Inc. 313 Point San Pedro Rd. San Rafael, CA 94901. email: lcordner@pacbell.net Ph. 415-455-9192 Fax 415-455-9193

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