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Saturday, August 23, 2008

DataShaping Job Alert - August 2008

DataShaping Job Alert - August 2008

  • Featured job ads (see listing below) are from companies with real job openings. While many other positions are listed on our network, we offer guarantees for featured job ads only. Also, we have some job filtering procedures in place. Unlike big job boards, you will never find an invitation to become an insurance salesperson, work from home, or online degree from a non accredited University on our DataShaping / AnalyticBridge network.
  • One of the best way to quickly find a new interesting job is to create a great profile on AnalyticBridge and participate in the forums. Each month we actually offer a $250 award to our Member of the Month. You should check the profiles of these selected members, to have an idea of what a good profile is. These profiles are regularly checked by serious recruiters with serious jobs.
  • What is your competition in the job market? To find out, visit AnalyticResumes.com and browse several hundred of resumes.

Featured Job Ads

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