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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Chief Operating Officer (California)

Are you the Consulting Leader capable of growing a multi-city practice:

Our rapidly growing analytic consulting client, has created the new position of COO; who will, in turn, be hiring additional consulting leaders, business analysts and developers for their business analytics and systems consulting practice.

This twelve-year-old company has been profitable since inception.

They’ve built a stellar reputation on their unique ability to deliver pricing, forecasting, distribution and related supply chain solutions which enable clients to evaluate, determine, implement, price setting, price planning, and sales and operations strategies and product performance; and which have generated enormous returns.

Clients are usually members of a CEO’s or business unit leader’s executive team, but not the CIO (head of IT).

With a base of business in Northern and Central California, the company is primed to expand throughout the West. The CEO and COO will drive this deployment.

The set of solutions is expanding, and our client is strongly considering entrées to the healthcare and biotech industries, and more. The COO, supported by new consulting managers will lead these initiatives.

In the not too distant future our client expects to “productize” their best solutions.

This Chief Operating Officer reports to the company founder and CEO, and will enter having a foot-in-the-door to the position of President of the firm.

Compensation offered will be a nationally competitive package; including equity opportunities.

Ready to step up to the corporate leadership level? Regarded as skilled re. the above scenario? Yes and Yes??

Then please contact me now.

Want to pass at this time? Send me a note, let me know what you’d have an interest in, or when I should get back with you. And then, send this on to others who may have an interest.

A more detailed description is available for the COO or other positions at your request. Contact Andy Wihtol or by phone at Andrew Associates Executive Search (503-635-7222).

URL: www.datashaping.com/jobs17276x.shtml
Please mention datashaping.com when applying. Thank you.

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