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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Analytic Leaders: we Need your Opinion!

Analytic Leaders: we Need your Opinion!

We are in the process of interviewing analytic leaders. If you are interested in contributing, please email us your answers to the questions below. We are interested in answers from people with at least 5 years of experience and growing responsibilities in an analytical position. Interviews will be published on AnalyticBridge.

Junior analysts interested in contributing should email us success stories instead. Joining AnalyticBridge is not required, but with 1200 members, incredible networking opportunities (more interactive than LinkedIn), no cost, and the possibility to win $250 as the member of the month each month, you might consider joining our network, the first comprehensive, full service Web 2.0 platform for analytic professionals.

Regarding the interview, we would like your opinion on the following questions (feel free to add extra questions or skip some questions if you want, except your short bio):

  • Start (or finish) with your bio
  • Which analytical fields are likely to experience growth, and why? (e.g. fraud detection, biostats)
  • Which methodologies might become obsolete (e.g. linear regression), which ones are likely to entertain growth (e.g. hybrid algorithms)
  • Recommendations for students starting an analytical career or choosing a University curriculum
  • Your opinion on outsourcing: good things / bad things for the US or other economies, risks, how to take advantage of it, will the trend reverse, will we see reverse outsourcing (Indian companies outsourcing development to US companies)?
  • What are the biggest successes of data mining and statistical sciences in the corporate world, or for humanity in general? What are its biggest failures?
  • Comments on data mining and privacy
  • Best practices for analytic professionals: what are the most important items (for consultants, managers, professors, researchers, government or corporate employees)?
  • Which analytic web sites do you use most or like best? Which analytic products do you use most or like best?
  • How and why did you become an analytic professional? Which factors contributed to your success?
We are looking forward to receiving and integrating your contribution to AnalyticBridge, the largest, most active and fast growing network for analytic professionals.

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Best regards,

Vincent Granville, Ph.D.
Founder and Principal

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