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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Data Mining Architect - MySpace (San Francisco, CA)

Social Networking is one of the hottest sectors on the web in recent years. MySpace.com has emerged as the definitive leader in this space since launch. MySpace has over 250 employees and is in rapid growth mode. Our users use MySpace to meet friends, find and listen to new bands/music, blog, plan events, play games, and participate in user forums and groups. MySpace, with over 130 million users, has revolutionized the way people interact and plan their social lives.

The MySpace.com Data Services team is responsible for data architecture, data infrastructure and operations for all MySpace.com data systems. The data mining architect will be a member of the Data Mining team responsible for gathering and developing requirements for large scale distributed data mining systems. Responsibilities will include executing social network analysis related mining projects, building prototypes and close participating in final product development as well as working with business to identify needs in new building new algorithms and technologies. The candidate will develop system concepts and technical architecture and plan and execute development of the systems, working closely with application developers and product management.

Required Skills:

  • PhD in CS, Mathematics or related areas
  • Minimum 3-5 years of industry experience
  • Expert iin social network analysis, machine learning, data mining, information retrieval, graph theory, algorithms, collaborative filtering
  • Strong analytical and problem--solving skills
  • Excellent communication skills annd ability to translate academic knowledge and theoretical results into business application and vice versa

The candidate needs to work well in a high pressure team environment with a strong focus on Agile development processes. The candidate should be able to handle operational responsibilities with respect to the data systems’ the candidate works on.


Please email resumes to: David Rios, Talent Acquisition, david.rios@fox.com

URL: www.datashaping.com/jobs17253x.shtml
Please mention datashaping.com when applying. Thank you.

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