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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

DataShaping Job Alert - April 2008

News from our Network

  • Post your resume on DataShaping and start receiving email from recruiters and hiring managers. See AnalyticResumes.com for details.
  • Earn our Analytic Certification, at no cost. See datashaping.com/certified.shtml for details.
  • Interested in checking our web traffic statistics? Click here. Also note that our featured job ads are now published on AnalyticBridge.com and AnalyticTalent.com.
  • DataShaping has finalized contracts with two major job boards. As a result, we are experiencing strong growth.
  • Do you want to talk to recruiters directly? Then join AnalyticBridge, make new connections, find a new job, and be eligible to win $250 if you sign up before April 25th (one award offered each month for the best profile on AnalyticBridge). Click here for details. Sign up here.
  • Coming soon: read interviews with leading experts in various analytical fields, on AnalyticBridge. If you have connections with analytic professionals who might be interested in participating (and be eligible to win our $250 monthly award), please invite them on AnalyticBridge and forward this invitation.

Featured Jobs

Vincent Granville, Ph.D.
Founder and Principal

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