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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Principal Database Engineer - eBay (San Jose, CA)


Reporting to the Manager of Performance and Capacity Planning, this individual will serve as a primary resource for monitoring, tuning, analysis, reporting, capacity planning and consulting on performance related issues of site production Oracle systems running on Solaris. This position is part of a team based in San Jose, CA that provides performance monitoring and capacity planning services in the Site Operations production environment. A variety of performance monitoring tools on Oracle Statspack and Unix platforms will be used to model and analyze system performance and resource usage data to: highlight existing/pending/future system bottlenecks and make appropriate recommendations for optimal tuning.


The successful candidate will have strong communication skills in both written and oral format, and will be capable of explaining complex technical issues to both technical and non-technical audiences. Ability to interface with all levels of management, negotiating and influencing, to build consensus is required. The candidate should be able to take initiative, obtain required resources and cooperation of needed participants will also be necessary. Occasionally this individual will be responsible for the implementation of various programs and projects. These projects will vary in scope but will be focused around enhancements and changes to data collection, archiving, reporting and analysis.

• The candidate needs to have a solid knowledge with Oracle internals such as latching, locking, Oracle IO, data block fundementals and index structure plus a good understanding of Solaris internals in terms of file system, process, memory, IO subsystem and CPU management.

• The individual also needs to demonstate the ability to estimate, measure and quantify database impacts with new projects, indentify and alert inefficient SQL/design flaws, forecast mid to long term system capacity growth need and contribute to overall site availability and scalability design and improvement plans.

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